My yoga journey


Laura Jones is a yoga teacher that lives and works in the Richmond Virginia area

These posts are all about me because I figure anything I say about yoga you can find elsewhere, written better, and with more wisdom. This is about how an ordinary person perceives all this confusing information about yoga. This perspective is from that of a person who attends movement practices, meditation classes, workshops, and sound healings, etc. And Richmond. Not that I identify with Richmond Virginia so much as if you live here and want to find this stuff I’m telling you about where to find it and what I think of it, but this is not a review, it’s my perception of this offering.


Why Yoga?

I was in a meeting at the YMCA and this woman was trying to convince me to try PiYo. She referred to it as yoga on steroids as if that is the very thing that would make take her class. I replied, “I’m not into fitness.” Given that I’m a fitness instructor at the YMCA…

Accessible Yoga

I hear the phrase accessible yoga a lot lately. Basically I think they mean yoga that anyone can do rather than the pretzel stuff only the flexible and strong can do. I worked in a studio once and the owner gave me this advice regarding my budding yoga career, don’t let them put you in…

Sound Healing

Sound healing is meditation to a soundscape. For me it can be transformative. Something about sound healing shifts my mental state so that I can get enough distance between myself and my problems to see them from outside my mind. Usually that is when solutions present themselves, even if the solution is simply me thinking,…


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